Janet Cortes, an artistic graphic designer and mother of three, founded the company in 2007. “Go Baggie”, a brand of Myrna J Games, LLC, is devoted to provide innovative, multi-functional backpack solutions to get ready, organized and enhance the experience of demanding parents and children who are always on the go.

Overcoming the daily need of getting her children prepared for the day was an overwhelming task. The need to efficiently pack each kid for the day drove her to develop various concepts and ideas to solve this problem. Having experienced the challenges of the chaos and clutter of modern family life and the need to eliminate the unnecessary forgotten lunches, extra clothing, video games, as well as backseat children boredom of her own children drove her to develop this new line of back packs “Go Baggie”.

After three years of evolution, development, focus groups, and multiple prototypes “Go Baggie” was born. Go Baggie is the first multifunction activity backpack for children. If this sounds like a parent’s dream come true, that’s because this product not only holds everything today’s kids need, but it also keeps youngsters entertained while on the go.

Go Baggie is available for direct sale through distributors and wholesalers. Go Baggie is truly dedicated to provide the best quality product available to our customers; therefore, every product is thoroughly inspected and certified to ensure it complies with the highest quality standards.